Drip, drip, drop, little April shower….

  It decided to be a bit like this yesterday. That’s not my excuse for not posting, but you should listen to it anyway the music of Bambi is beautiful. I worked on the baskets on and off, two metres of ribbon yield only about two baskets if you want more than a single ribbon height or lids. Here’s two I finished:     Astrid has come to the conclusion that in the absence of my other doll, they should definitely be hers. After all, they fit so nicely in her lap. The one on the left is my first […]

I’ve always been a basket case…

At least that’s what I tell myself, it explains random thoughts that whisper in my ear from a doll that by all accounts isn’t even made yet and isn’t expected for a month or possibly several. I quite blame Casey and her little Tessie, I’ve been reading her blog from when Tessie popped in. Currently just got to 2010, and I think she’s making my elf show up in my head before she’s in my hands. So what does she want, you might ask? Literally, baskets. Where will I keep all my things?? Well, despite the fact she’s not even […]

happy travellers are we

This caravan kit is somewhere in the mail on it’s way to me. It comes with the stuff to make everything in the picture, but I don’t feel like I’llĀ keep it that style. It’s so very pastel and mostly green-blue which isn’t so much my thing. Here’s a closer look at most of the insides. It’s around 1:16 scale, I think? But who is it for, you might ask? Not Mina who though cute has gotten into the habit of falling apart at little to no provocation. Particularly her foot which seems to have an allergy to her ankle. No […]