I’ve always been that kid who tried to bring home half the craft store and the entire toy aisle, truth be told, things haven’t changed too much. I’m a twenty-something woman from rural New South Wales, Australia who enjoys collecting dolls and other toys and making things, often for said toys.

I also enjoy photography, so blogging about my hobbies seems as good an outlet as any.

In this blog you will find reviews, thoughts, sometimes the odd tutorial or resource. Unless stated otherwise, none of my posts are affiliated with anyone, nor is any of the purchased items provided by any company. Because of this, and my location, I probably can’t take any requests – but you’re welcome to suggest anything you think I might like to me.

Especially for someone like Mina who is herself a bit over the top cutesy.

I have a special weakness for miniatures and dolls. So much so that I find myself liking ones I didn’t think I ever would.