I’ve always been a basket case…

At least that’s what I tell myself, it explains random thoughts that whisper in my ear from a doll that by all accounts isn’t even made yet and isn’t expected for a month or possibly several. I quite blame Casey and her little Tessie, I’ve been reading her blog from when Tessie popped in. Currently just got to 2010, and I think she’s making my elf show up in my head before she’s in my hands.

So what does she want, you might ask?

Literally, baskets.

Where will I keep all my things??

Well, despite the fact she’s not even created yet, I decided to give it a shot. I couldn’t find the hat straw I wanted to use, I did find this paper ribbon that is woven and I thought could be used to make a sort of “cheater” basket. Turns out the damn thing won’t twirl, but I did make it work.

It also comes in other colours, though my shop didn’t have any purple and I may have to paint some.

In addition to some “inspired” basket making, I found some wooden shapes at Big W.

They’re for “kids crafts” and found in that section, but they looked perfect to me for beds, benches, tables, chairs and so on. The largest squares are 11cm and it seems to be real wood (ply?) so you could stain it. No MDF nonsense or anything. Also on hand are some more popsicle/paddlepop sticks in various sizes I can’t imagine people using for anything other than crafts.

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