happy travellers are we

This caravan kit is somewhere in the mail on it’s way to me. It comes with the stuff to make everything in the picture, but I don’t feel like I’ll keep it that style. It’s so very pastel and mostly green-blue which isn’t so much my thing.

Here’s a closer look at most of the insides. It’s around 1:16 scale, I think?

But who is it for, you might ask? Not Mina who though cute has gotten into the habit of falling apart at little to no provocation. Particularly her foot which seems to have an allergy to her ankle.

No there is another little friend on the way, she’s not even made yet but I can already hear her demanding things. At first I thought I’d just repaint the caravan, use different fabrics but now she wants more storage, bookshelves, pets, a full on garden… I don’t know how to make miniature flowers and they cost way more than I can afford to buy.

She also thinks I should make that bed into a murphy bed so she can have more space, and when I’m done there I can obviously start on her house.

She’s gonna need to get herself a job.

Hopefully, she’ll come sooner than later but until then we have a caravan to plan. And possibly an empire, by the sounds of it. The good news is 1:12 stuff should more or less work for her, perhaps if I just shorten the legs.

This is the size of the shell I have to work with. I have to work out what style she wants. I’m thinking a bit magical/fantasy, but maybe with a modern twist?

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