Drip, drip, drop, little April shower….


It decided to be a bit like this yesterday. That’s not my excuse for not posting, but you should listen to it anyway the music of Bambi is beautiful.

I worked on the baskets on and off, two metres of ribbon yield only about two baskets if you want more than a single ribbon height or lids. Here’s two I finished:



Astrid has come to the conclusion that in the absence of my other doll, they should definitely be hers. After all, they fit so nicely in her lap. The one on the left is my first attempt at a lid. I won’t say it went swimmingly since I spent about half an hour just positioning it while the glue dried and it’s quite domed but it’ll do.



The caravan arrived right on time on the 11th, which yes, was over a week ago – my bad. I haven’t been feeling up to much though and couldn’t bring myself to deal with all those parts. I have some pics for you now, but I haven’t done anything too exciting yet. This kit has some errors on sizing so you have to sand all the window holes and/or frames to make them fit. It’s a trial.


The box, it’s honestly quite a bit smaller to look at in person even having known the measurements. I think it will work, though.


The massive bag of doom, aka, the supplies for approximately all of the things.


I think this is the clapping sensor, it comes with one so you can clap the lights on and off if you so choose. Elsewhere in the big bag there’s a battery pack, LEDs, wires, etc.


is it a bird, is it a plane, its…. a colour I would never paint a caravan myself. But there she is!


And in full.


This is what I mean about things not fitting. Granted, the door is supposed to be glued open but it was miles too big so I had to sand and sand my way through a few nail files to get it workable. Im going to try hinges. All the windows and such bear this same sizing problem, even the ones absolutely meant to fit flush and not be glued open.


And fixed. Enough so that its slightly falling out the back from me holding it at that angle. I might keep going a bit just to make sure painting it won’t end up with it stuck.


That bag holds a loooooot of stuff. Holy moly. Well, I did want a project…


The little owner of this beast is still “item processing” and may be until the end of May or later. I should have time. As to what to paint it? Well, I got a whole lot of DecoArt Dazzling Metallics the other day, including the purple.

I’m hoping to paint it something like this, minus the lightning stripe:


Links to the original listing this picture is from.

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