Guess whose back?

Shady’s back, tell a friend.

You know, part of the reason I haven’t been posting is I had every intention of my posts all being nicely shot with my “fancy” camera, but the damn thing is a chore to set up when you don’t have a good outside spot to shoot from, so I keep telling myself I can’t post, then I don’t and so on and so forth and then it was July and now it’s October. We’d best put that notion to rest or I’ll never get it done.

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably seen a lot of this and how I happened myself into a minor Blythe addiction. Minor only because I can’t afford every Blythe under the sun, but not for lack of wanting to get them all.

First I got Ms Aurora, a blue-headed girl who is probably a fakie, on a Licca body that I’m fully convinced hates me. She has a Mandy Cotton Candy type scalp, but she’s been a spot of trouble since she arrived.

I got her for a decent price, at least so I thought and I do love her, but her backplate screws are stripped and shoddy, the Licca body is unstable, her hair is cut unevenly and a mess, her eyelashes aren’t quite right either. That’s to say nothing of the fact I was overcharged for shipping and the seller said it was to cover the fees.

And this happened one night and damn near gave me an anxiety attack:

You can see the eyelash problem on here, too.

Luckily the missing chip turned out to be elsewhere in her head and magically reappeared through her eye socket and stuck back into place when I threatened to send her to the tip.

I still love her, but if I’m entirely honest, looking back on things I probably wouldn’t have bid on her even with the low price. Especially since I’ve had no luck opening her head which would allow me to fix many, if not all of her issues.

In comes the second girl, Ms Astrid.

She was made by the talented Stella of Livvy Snow Dolls and originally named Cynthia. I was in love with her from the word go, if I’m honest. I’d told myself it’d be fine, I could do without her and when I thought she was sold, well that was that. After all, these dolls sell out quickly.

Turns out that Stella just changed from Zibbet to Etsy and then whoops my wallet slipped. ?

I’m genuinely much more happy with her, though we nearly had an incident yesterday where a pen had a mishap with her face but I believe I’ve fixed it with a regular rubber.

One or the other has been my constant companion the last few months and I’m deeply in love with them. They’re sweet, they photograph well even on my iphones questionable camera. I think most importantly for me, they come with a big and enthusiastic community which means there’s both resources to buy and make clothes and accessories in a range of styles and somewhere to seek help if something goes awry.

I probably won’t be getting a third for a long time but, then, I didn’t think I’d get Astrid.

Next I have to make them an apartment, and show you what else I’ve been up too.

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