Little Elf Friend

Well, a package arrived today a month sooner than I thought it’d even be shipped.

This is the doll I’ve been waiting for, I’ve wanted her for a long time now and saved for her.

She is so tiny, a total of 9.7cm tall. I got her extra hands, her sleeping face, and a pair of resin “witchy” boots. She makes liberty prints look large and most of them are quite petite.


Astrid isn’t quite sure what to make of the troublemaker.

I got her Mina’s dress to wear for now since she came before my week where I was gonna buy her some clothes. She can’t sit in it because the back is a line of velcro.

She is minus a name, and still minus her Caravan but she’s none too pleased about me having not even finished doing the painting before she got here – as if it was my fault she was in such a hurry.

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